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Simple Energy Saving Tips that Actually Work

You are responsible for the energy you consume at your home. This means that the higher the bill the more you will have to suffer when clearing it. Understanding your utility bill and making the subtle changes that nudge it downwards will not only make the earth a better place to be at but also leave you with more money for other fun or useful things. Here are some simple tips that will actually help you cut down on that power consumption bill. Visit Columbia Utilities for more info.


Avoid over depending on standby mode


Leaving your TV, Home Theater or game console on standby might be cool. You won't have to configure some things when you switch it on again. However, the fact that all electronics consume some power while on standby means that you will be throwing away money each time you leave something on standby for long.


It makes sense to put your TV on standby if you are dashing to the mall down the street for a snack. It won't do you any good to leave it on standby the entire weekend when you take the kids to visit their grandma.


Only take as much as you need


Running the hot tap when washing dishes means you will be heating more water than you need. Filling the kettle with water while you only need one cup of hot water will put the remainder to waste. The list goes on and on. Avoid spending energy heating or processing something you won't need. The fact that you will let the energy escape into the atmosphere has a negative impact on your utility bills for no apparent reason.


Sing less in the shower


Spending more time in the shower means you will be warming more water. Coupling the water and electricity bill could translate to $10 per minute you spend with the shower running. The warm shower water is soothing, we get it. But if you want to keep the bills low, you don't have to spend 10 minutes in the shower every day.


The other energy consumption regulation tricks are next to normal. Things like choosing a smart thermostat to control your heating and cooling or using energy saving bulbs goes without mentioning. The thing with power saving and utility bill management is that only the small changes that are nothing by themselves matter in the long run. Cutting down on unnecessary or careless power consuming behaviors will help you keep the bills down without sacrificing much of your luxury. Go to Columbia Utilities today.